PAURIC GRIMES: Don’t forget to have the craic

THERE were a few common themes that cropped up throughout the conversations I was having with the men who took part in our Reignite Challenge at the weekend. One – “I’ve missed this. The craic between the lads.” Two – “I’ve missed this. The competition. The bit of needle to dig deep and push harder than […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Get fit for what lands at your feet

THE hangovers might just be starting to subside for O’Connor’s soldiers or Joyce’s warriors. It will have been all worth it. The gruelling training schedule. The discipline to say no when you’d rather say yes. The discipline to say yes when it would be easier to say no. It can all be justified with that […]

PGthePT: The roadmap for a return to action

This is it, the roadmap is out and the return to play is so close we can almost touch it. What we need to make sure is that along the road you don’t trip, fall and hurt yourself – metaphorically of course – as the increased risk of injury for players right now is real. […]

PGthePT: Coaches dealing with uncertainty

It’s one thing for the players to be kicking their heels in lockdown, struggling to find motivation, getting bored of running, feeling like they’ve no idea where their fitness levels are because their usual barometer – the men and women they train with and play against week in, week out, aren’t there to compare against […]