PAURIC GRIMES: GAA and its alcohol relationship

HERE’S a topic that has a funny old relationship with people  across the GAA – alcohol. From drink bans to Monday clubs, the extreme nature of how alcohol is viewed within Gaelic games is a tricky one to truly grasp what the feeling on it is. And do those extreme relationships with drinking create problems […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Don’t hide behind your safety blanket

FOR the weekend past, with Glen reaching the All-Ireland Club final I think we can’t go by without chatting about the amount of attention a certain ginger maestro was getting up and down the country. The fact that by going overseas to make a go of things piqued the public’s interest in the first place, coming […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Two books to aid your self-development

I LOVE the energy that a new year brings. Fresh optimism. A real desire to make this year to be a better year than the previous, regardless of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it went. For men and women entering their first year not playing ball it can feel like a blank canvas. No structure to rely on, […]

Pauric Grimes – The cost of inaction – and other thoughts

THIS is as good a time of the year as any to reflect on what’s gone down over the previous 12 months. Look at your successes, failures, what you’ve learnt and what you need to keep working on. Once you’ve done that, the opportunity to create goals for the year ahead presents itself, but that’s a […]

PAURIC GRIMES: The 12 rounds of Christmas

AS soon as the page turns on the calendar at the end of November I get the fear. December is staring me in the face and that means the imminent return of one of the toughest sessions of the year. The 12 Rounds of Christmas. If you’ve never done it before, time to dig out your […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Dealing with the identity shift

IN conversations with retired players, especially those who have recently hung up the boots, one of the challenges that seems to be inescapable is “the identity shift”. From active player to retired player. From one part of the team to on your own. From collective thinking to individual focus. A lot of people seem to struggle […]

PAURIC GRIMES: How much time do we really have for self care?

By Pauric Grimes AT the weekend, I chatted with a man about getting started on a new training regime in January. He was keen to get plans in place to hit the ground running come 2023. Man talked a good game, I’ll give him that. He did leave me one loose thread hanging in front […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Deadlines drive decisions

AS you may have caught in last week’s column, we had the second Reignite Challenge Day on Saturday past. I’m chalking it down as a massive success. Twelve men, four teams of three. Four blocks of eight minutes of hellish work, and huge sense of achievement at the end of the session. Achievement combined with […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Community and connection is key

THIS Saturday morning, October 29, the second Reignite Challenge Day kicks off at 10.30am in Level Up Home of Coaching Augher. We’re currently sat at 12 brave souls who are ready to step into the fire. If you follow my on my socials – pg_levelupcoaching – you might have caught the videos of the team […]

PAURIC GRIMES: What do you want to be known for?

I WAS over in Glasgow at the weekend attending a coaching conference. For the most part, these weekends are business development mixed with a little personal development. There are young coaches who barely look like they’re out of nappies then there are guys like myself who are 15 years plus in the game, but we all […]