PATRICK MORRISON: Levelled progression – part two

By Patrick Morrison PART two of the levelled progression series, following on from last week’s opening. Level 5 – PERFORM THE SKILLS VERY WELL, AT SPEED, UNDER FATIGUE, UNDER PRESSURE, CONSISTENTLY [17-21yrs] This level is seen as a transitional level as the goalkeeper moves through both minor and u-21 grades where there is more emphasis […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Levelled progression – part one

By Patrick Morrison OVER the coming two articles, I will delve deep into the various developmental stages of goalkeeping. These stages can help both goalkeepers and coaches in their continuing quest for progression. They can be used as a kind of map or set of signposts to show where exactly they or their goalkeepers stand […]


By Patrick Morrison NEW Year Resolutions have been around for millennia. Many religions around the globe would practice this custom as a completion of one year and the commencement of the next. In fact, it is believed that 4,000 years ago it was the ancient Babylonians who were the first people to use New Year’s […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Six steps to one-to-one coaching

By Patrick Morrison IN 2015, my first year with the Armagh team, we played a challenge game against Dublin down in the DCU sports complex. This was the first year of their five in-a-row dominance. We had started with a strong team with a handful of our regular starters rested. Dublin on the other hand, […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Pre-conditioned

By Patrick Morrison JANUARY is the time of year whenever teams and players come out of their Growth Season by moving into their Pre-season training regimes. These usually include methods to improve a player’s stamina with the majority of this time spent completing various running programs; to increase a player’s strength with specifically individualised S&C […]

Patrick Morrison: Give yourself a break

By Patrick Morrison THE evolution of re-starts has been paramount to the success of teams over the past 20 to 30 years. They have evolved in their nature, their purpose, and their principles. Even the jargon used has evolved through time (kick-outs to re-starts). The humble kick-out has grown from second thought set play into […]

Patrick Morrison – Growth season, not off-season

WE are now on the mouth of Christmas and with the majority of teams now on their extended rest period, it means that for the majority of players, the season has ended and their so called ‘off-season’ begins. This sees players going from training three to five sessions per week down to one to two […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t fear the goalkeeper

By Patrick Morrison IN the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico City, the final of the men’s high jump event took place on Sunday, October 20. As the athletes competed and vied for their ultimate Olympic goal, by the end of the event only three competitors remained – Valertin Gavrilov of the Soviet Union, Ed Caruthers […]


By Patrick Morrison AS a goalkeeper, it is necessary to have a solid set of reasons as to why you play the position. With the levels of skill and abilities a goalkeeper needs to hold ever-increasing and the weight of expectation to reproduce those skills to the highest of standards on a consistent basis, having […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The young goalkeeper

CHILDREN are curious and insightful individuals who explore and learn through the process of trial and error just as nature intended. Their world is loaded with all kinds of imaginary, games and toys. All a child wants to do is explore their world through the medium of play. And what child has not been given a […]