Patrick Morrison – Growth season, not off-season

WE are now on the mouth of Christmas and with the majority of teams now on their extended rest period, it means that for the majority of players, the season has ended and their so called ‘off-season’ begins. This sees players going from training three to five sessions per week down to one to two […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t fear the goalkeeper

By Patrick Morrison IN the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico City, the final of the men’s high jump event took place on Sunday, October 20. As the athletes competed and vied for their ultimate Olympic goal, by the end of the event only three competitors remained – Valertin Gavrilov of the Soviet Union, Ed Caruthers […]


By Patrick Morrison AS a goalkeeper, it is necessary to have a solid set of reasons as to why you play the position. With the levels of skill and abilities a goalkeeper needs to hold ever-increasing and the weight of expectation to reproduce those skills to the highest of standards on a consistent basis, having […]


By Patrick Morrison AS a Gaelic enthusiast, it is great to see so many well taken three-pointers but on the flip side, as a goalkeeper it can be disheartening to see so many goals conceded, especially those that could be dealt with more favourably with a more proactive approach. Of course, there is never any […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Bringing in the stormbreaker

THE English word ‘storm’ comes from the Proto-Germanic ‘sturmaz’ which means noise or tumult (chaos). Whenever we understand the origins of the word we can fully relate to the significance of its meaning. Being true to its name, storms are of course chaotic in nature while also having the ability to create mayhem and devastation […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The six areas of of goalkeeping

By Patrick Morrison GOALKEEPING is a very specialised position. A goalkeeper must have a good basic skill set just like every other position on the team, but they also need to develop specific goalkeeping traits, skills, and movements to be able to play the position competently. Like any sports person that is truly serious about […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The Goalkeeping Spectrum

By Patrick Morrison OVER the past 20 years, we have really seen the evolution of the goalkeeping position in Gaelic football. We have seen possibly the greatest ever in Stephen Cluxton to the newest modern phenomenon of ‘keepers joining the fray out the field. Over the past 20 years, and even before that, we have […]