Gerard O’Kane: Lockdown has heightened appetite for football

THE ‘new normal’. It’s a term that is very much part of everyday life right now and most likely will be for the foreseeable future. The ‘new normal’ impacts on every aspect of modern day life whether it is work, social, sporting or otherwise. As the GAA has reopened across the country in the last […]

Gerard O’Kane: GAA provides a silver lining

SO there we have it folks, just like that we have a return to play programme at club level after a spring and early summer of very little optimism. Over the last few weeks, county boards across the country have had their calendars out and have been working on multiple drafts of spreadsheets to circulate […]

Gerard O’Kane: Dublin’s last dance

I WOULD imagine it was just by pure luck that the Netflix show ‘The Last Dance’ was uploaded onto the streaming service when it was. I don’t know if the date was brought forward or the release of two shows per week was pre-planned, but given a vast majority of the world has been in […]