Gerard O’Kane: Days like this

HAVING won a senior championship on 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed everything that comes with it I genuinely thought the days of the ‘Monday Club’ were behind me. In 2007 we had a fantastic Monday Club and for those of you who know Glenullin, our club is perfectly set up for it. We have a fantastic […]

GERARD O’KANE: The drop-off game

THERE has been raging debate in the last few weeks around the issue of the age grades in the GAA.  The biggest controversy centres around the minor age grade, formerly u-18 but now u-17. The GAA changed this three years ago and even now, the reasoning for changing it has never been made clear in […]

GERARD O’KANE: The spider’s web

THE managerial merry-go-round is in full swing at the moment at county level. County board delegates are meeting in smoke-filled back rooms, curtains closed, under cover of darkness and a special knock to get in. The veil of secrecy thrown over some of these processes is akin to waiting on white smoke coming from the […]


DEPENDING on who you listen to or who you tune into – or out from in this case – you would nearly think the GAA season is over. Well in the 11 days prior to this publication on Thursday, August 11, I will have attended four games (two u-17 and two senior), took part in […]


MOVING day in golf is the third round of four in a tournament. It’s the day whereby players maneuvre themselves into position before the final day to try to set them up for one final push, or to maybe cement a position to try to hold onto. Well the same can be said for this […]