Five Minutes With

Five minutes with Tyrone’s Niamh Hughes

Name: Niamh Hughes
Age: 27
Occupation: Teacher

Teams played for:

Coalisland Fianna, Aodh Ruadh, Tyrone

Game you most enjoyed playing in?

Club League game v St. Macartans in Killyman in 2013, we had no manager at the time and the girls pulled together and we beat them by 18 points.

Game you least enjoyed playing in?

2016 League Final v St. Macartans in Greencastle. We were beat by that much that the referee thanked the man that was doing the score board.

Worst pitch you have ever played on?

Clare pitch last year in the League, although I would play there again just for the craic on the way home on the bus.

Toughest training session you’ve every been involved in?

One of the first sessions this year in Garvaghy where we completed Sarah’s runs in the snow and the wind up there didn’t help, it was horrific!

What’s your preferred brand of gear?

Adidas and Nike, I would be guilty of too many ASOS orders.

Most inspirational individual you’ve ever met?

I have to say my Mummy.

Where do you like to go out to celebrate?

It used to be Ballygawley or Omagh but I am delighted the Tyrone girls have ventured to East Tyrone, where McAleer’s always look after you well. Tiffy’s also has to get a mention as a good spot for those who don’t know when to go home. Hopefully this mention will cover the cost of the Fire Extinguisher, Pool Table, Bike, several glasses and Errigal Half Zips. Also if you leave any belongings behind, give Aoife Mc Gahan a shout she knows the process to get them back.

What do you like to do when you are not training/playing?

I love a night out or a getaway with the girls. I also love running, looking forward to off season to take part in 5/10ks.

Which character in any film/tv show are you most like?

My friends often call me Bambi after a few too many sociable drinks.

Which team mates (From any club/county) are the first you’d invite on a night out?

Emma Jane – she minds me when I’m not minding her
Emma Mulgrew- great for the craic and will always make sure you have your hand bag
Meabh Mallon- always up for a mad one
Maria Canavan- provides the hospitality
Marian Vincent- she will take forever getting ready but she will have everyone looking well.

Which team mate is the worst dancer?

Marian Barker, Aodh Ruadh, as she broke her leg Irish Dancing to Bewitched in Coppers. Although, I could take this title myself- can’t dance.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen in training/during a match?

The half time show with Emma Smyth is always good craic, especially when you miss 17 points in a row. Also don’t catch Maria Canavan’s eye in a huddle, that could set you off!

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard to get out of training and who did it come from?

Recovery session in the pool and Emma Smyth said she couldn’t swim.

Biggest Ego?

When it comes to singing Emma Jane’s ego has went through the roof, you can’t get the microphone off her- she thinks she’s in Picture This! Although no ego on the pitch she doesn’t even know how good she is!

Worst/best person to sit next to on the team bus?

I sit beside EJ which is great as she provides the refreshments. It is always good to get a seat near Siobhan Sheeran when she has the guitar.
Worst would be Shannon Quinn, you couldn’t watch her!

Worst/best person to share a room with on away days?

I always share with EJ who doesn’t judge if you put a bit of tan on before a game.

Who has the best diet, and who has the worst, and what do they consist of? ?

Best probably Neamh Woods always very healthy. Worst maybe Emma Hegs, although her mummy makes greats buns for everyone after the game.

Toughest opponent you have played against?

I have a few that stand out;
Joanne O’Neill – Stewartstown, who is now starring for Dubai Celts
Mary Cassidy at Training- Aodh Ruadh
Grainne Kelly- St. Macartons

Best or worst quote you have heard from a team mate/opponent/manager?

Best – Emma Mulgrew ‘The first part to playing good is looking good’ Anything from Barry Grimes also gets you psyched for a game.
Worst – after a great team bonding day for UUJ with the sports psychologist Greg Mc Gonigle said ‘if you win you win and if you don’t you dont.’ Although he was an unbelievable manager to play under, I learned to much from him and getting beat in the O’Connor Cup Final in 2012 is one game I will always regret.

Best manager you have played for?

I have had so many great managers down the years, from my very first manager, Gerard Mc Stravick to the current Ruadh and Tyrone set up, everyone has been great and it would be too difficult to choose one.

What frustrates you most about the GAA?

Missing many of the girls’ nights out, but it has taught me how to get ready in 10minutes.

What is the best thing about being part of the GAA?

The support it brings both on and off the pitch, the craic you have and the friendships that you make along some very special journeys.