Five Minutes With

Five minutes with Tiernan Coyle

Name: Tiernan Coyle
Age: 25
Occupation: Joiner


Teams played for:

Loughgiel Shamrocks & Antrim

If you were throwing a party and you could invite anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you ask around?

I enjoy a party as most people could tell you so I’ll be asking a few round. I’d have Robin Williams my all time favourite actor, George Best because we all know he knew how to party, Demi Lovato I think we all get that one, the lads in “Kants” Whatsapp group and maybe Alex Del if I’m in a good mood.

Where do you like to go out to celebrate after a big victory?

We would go straight back to the club first and then slowly everyone would start making their way up to the Pound. The next day would be an early start in Macs for an all day session

If you weren’t playing GAA what would you be at?

I would be playing football (Saturday morning stuff, real high quality) and I’d travel a lot more see a bit of the world

What’s the worst pitch you’ve ever played on?

Worst pitch has to be Mount Leinster Rangers an absolute bog when we played on it. Though it was early season it was in bad shape for anything other than maybe cattle.

Which character in any film are you most like?

If you asked around Loughgiel you’d probably be told McLovin or Harry Potter but I’d like to see myself more as a Joel Goodsen in Risky Business (Google it and you’ll understand)

Any odd items in your kit bag?

Maybe a cup/ball guard but that’s not odd, just smart

What’s your preferred brand of gear?

Cooper Helmet, Adidas or Umbro boots and Scullion Hurls

Who’s the biggest joker in the teams you play for?

If you put Eddie and Tony McCloskey in company with Benny McCarry and Skinner Laverty you know that something going to happen

Which team mate has the best looking other half?

Few boys I’d love to say just to wind them up. I’ll say Big Tony though he’s getting married to my neighbour Siobhan, “The Girl Next Door”

Who is the worst trainer?

It’s a pity big Champagne Charlie has retired cause he was the easy pick but now a days I’ll have to say Wee Betty Ryan McKee. I’m prone to missing the odd weekend training myself though

Who spends most time in front of the mirror in the dressing room?

Barney McAuley, what a man

Who’s the best/worst person to share a room with on away trips?

Best Seamy Dobbin because you’re guaranteed a fantastic night’s craic. Worst Seamy Dobbin because you’re guaranteed to get in bother and dropped for the next game

Who’s the best/worst person to sit beside on the team bus?

It may vary though not very much you usually just get all us young lads up the back having the craic. Then the odd older player creeping up now and again fishing for information on who’s up to what cause they never get out of the house unless for training.

Who has the best and who has the worst diet on the team, and what does it include?

Best diet I’d say is Odhran McFadden the big man likes to look after himself. Worst diet goes to “Cowboy” Niall McFadden big man loves a chicken goujon and a chip cheese and gravy

Toughest opponent you have faced?

Had the pleasure if you could call it that to mark TJ Reid and Richie Hogan before

Best or worst quote you’ve heard, either from a manager, player, opponent?

“Hit everything that moves and if it doesn’t move keep hitting it till it does” Barry McKinley

Best manager you’ve ever played under?

May not have been manager but I enjoyed playing under Gavin Duffy from Rossa when he coached us. An absolute gentleman

Best ever performance?

I’ve had better games but for the occasion that it was I hurled brave and well in the 2016 County Final against Cushendall

One to forget?

Plenty but Slaughtneil in the Ulster Final 2013 I struggled a bit that day for sure

When you were playing in the back garden, who did you pretend to be?

Kilkenny were top dogs in those days so it was usually Shefflin, DJ or Tommy Walsh

If there was a transfer market who’d be in and who’d be out of the team?

In would be TJ Reid and out would be Ding Gillan I tried for years to get him out of corner back and couldn’t so now you’re giving me the chance I’m taking it.