Five Minutes With

Five minutes with Antrim’s Lucia McNaughton


Name: Lucia McNaughton
Age: 22
Occupation: Physiotherapist


Teams played for:

Loughgiel, Antrim and Ulster

Game you most enjoyed playing in?

Ulster club Final 2014 against Eoghan Rua.

Game you least enjoyed playing in?

Ulster Club Final 2017 against Slaughtneil

Worst pitch you have ever played on?

Usually in October time most pitches are like bogs, they pull the legs out of you.

Toughest training session you’ve every been involved in?

Any training session at Barnetts Park is always a killer.

What’s your preferred brand of gear?

Not fussy

Most inspirational individual you’ve ever met?

Seán Óg Ó hAilpín

Where do you like to go out to celebrate?

Usually start in Loughgiel clubrooms and then head up to The Pound.

What do you like to do when you are not training/playing?

Trying to get my horse over a couple of jumps.

Which character in any film/tv show are you most like?

Ever since I dressed up as William Wallace from Braveheart for Halloween I get compared to him, not much of a compliment.

Which team mates (From any club/county) are the first you’d invite on a night out?

Noeleen Cosgrove usually always has everyone in stitches laughing.

Which team mate is the worst dancer?

Úna Mc Naughton likes to channel her inner Courtney Cox dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen.

Which team mate is the loudest in the changing room?

Katie Lynn, you could hear her talking about what she had for dinner five miles down the road

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen in training/during a match?

When myself and Rioghnach Mc Naughton were playing midfield, she was chasing down a player and got fed up and turned round and told me to chase after her instead.
Or the time a ball was accidentally hit on to the pitch and she chased it, while the actual play was going on 60 yards up the field. Any wonder she took early retirement.

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard to get out of training and who did it come from?

“Can’t train, just got my nails done”- Anonymous

Biggest Ego?

Maria Lynn! That girls head is getting so big she can’t get her helmet over it anymore.

Worst/best person to sit next to on the team bus?

Worst – Chloe Drain, never shuts up and is awful at charades.
Best- anyone who provides snacks and willing to share.

Worst/best person to share a room with on away days?

Best – Maria Lynn, she usually brings everything I don’t.
Worst – Emma McMullan- wile loud snorer.

Who has the best diet, and who has the worst, and what do they consist of? ?

Best – Emma McFadden
Worst – I would be up there, I tend to follow a seafood diet (see food and eat it)

Toughest opponent you have played against?

Stacey Keohe- Ourlart the Ballagh

Best or worst quote you have heard from a team mate/opponent/manager?

“When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I don’t think f*** I have to go to work, I just think I’m a Shamrock!” Think it’s the funniest one I’ve heard

What frustrates you most about the GAA?

Probably chopping and changing fixtures last minute.

What is the best thing about being part of the GAA?

Forming friends from all parts of country, and playing with the girls you grew up with.