Five Minutes With

Five minutes with Donegal’s Roisin McCafferty

Name: Roisin McCafferty
Age: 26
Occupation: Physiotherapist

Teams played for:

John Mitchel’s, Liverpool, Termon, Kerry/Donegal NYC and Donegal.

Game you most enjoyed playing in?

Senior Club Ulster final in 2014 against Donaghmoyne.

Game you least enjoyed playing in?

A All-Ireland Minor final 2009 against Clare. A clean sheet all year and let in five goals for the craic.

Worst pitch you have ever played on?


Toughest training session you’ve every been involved in?

The Decent’s recovery session after the 2010 Ulster Final…64 x 45m runs.

What’s your preferred brand of gear?


Most inspirational individual you’ve ever met?

My mother or Mickey Harte.

Where do you like to go out to celebrate?

The Lagoon.

What do you like to do when you are not training/playing?

Chilling out with family or travelling to new places.

Which character in any film/tv show are you most like?

Monica in Friends…it’s the humidity.

Which team mates (From any club/county) are the first you’d invite on a night out?

Dara Kelly (Termon) and Dee Doc Lady of Knock (Mayo).

Which team mate is the worst dancer?

Kate Keaney, the hair just gets in the way.

Which team mate is the loudest in the changing room?

Eilish Ward and her terrible playlists.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen in training/during a match?

Playing for Mitchel’s after a night on the beer at the Paidi O Se tournament and not a ball was caught and the corner flags were hit.

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard to get out of training and who did it come from?

“I’m getting my eyebrows done,” Geraldine and Nicole McLaughlin

Biggest Ego?

Eilish Ward.

Worst/best person to sit next to on the team bus?

Best Laura Gallagher, the hands be going flat. Worst Nicole McLaughlin, she chats absolute dribble the whole trip.

Worst/best person to share a room with on away days?

Worst is Karen Guterie, if you breath heavy you are in trouble. Best is probably Geraldine.

Who has the best diet, and who has the worst, and what do they consist of? ?

Best is Geraldine’s Kopperberg diet and worst is probably Nicole, she would enjoy the odd sweet thing.

Toughest opponent you have played against?

Amanda Casey.

Best or worst quote you have heard from a team mate/opponent/manager?

Best “Kill or be killed” Christy McCaff. Worst will usually come from Kev McCaff or Danny O in the Lagoon after a Termon ladies win “ah sure ye couldn’t kick snow off a rope.”

Best manager you have played for?

Kenny Griffin or Francie Friel.

What frustrates you most about the GAA?

That the LGFA is still second-class compared to the men despite giving the exact same commitment to their sports.

What is the best thing about being part of the GAA?

No matter where you travel in the world and there is a Gaelic team you will always feel welcomed and have a family away from home.