Five Minutes With

Five minutes with – Donegal’s Gerard Gilmore

Name: Gerard Gilmore
Age: 25
Occupation: Production admin – O’Neills sportswear


Teams played for:

Strabane Shamrocks, Tyrone, Donegal & Sean MacCumhaills

Game you most enjoyed playing in?

Strabane vs Dungannon in junior hurling final in 2011 – good tight game and was sweet to come out on top!

Game you least enjoyed playing in?

Donegal vs Monaghan last year. One to forget anyway.

Worst pitch you have ever played on?

Middletown – couldn’t hit a high ball in at all because when it landed it just disappeared in the muck.

Toughest training session you’ve every been involved in?

Every pre season – not too many enjoy them I’d say!

What’s your preferred brand of gear?

O’Neills gear, Adidas boots, David Moran hurls and Mycro helmet.

Most inspirational individual you’ve ever met?

Parents – been there from day one and support any decision I make regardless of what it is.

Where do you like to go out to celebrate?

Letterkenny would be a good spot after a good win, but The Lantern is always rocking too.

What do you like to do when you are not training/playing?

Would enjoy an odd day out around Donegal, going to the beach for a puck about with the girlfriend and beating Ruairi Campbell at FIFA!

Which character in any film/tv show are you most like?

Happy Gilmore most people would say!

Which team mates (From any club/county) are the first you’d invite on a night out?

Bernard Lafferty – that man loves the skittle-bombs.
Ciaran Bellew – man has some stories, get a good laugh out of him or at him!

Which team mate is the worst dancer?

Would have to say myself on this unfortunately. Two left feet on the dance floor would be an understatement!

Which team mate is the loudest in the changing room?

Kevy Campbell – can hear him wheezing from the other side of the room!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen in training/during a match?

Dermy Doherty – no one near him, going for a point out on the side line, went to hit the ball missed it and hit his own ankle and then stretchered off.

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard to get out of training and who did it come from?

Ciaran Bellew has that many excuses he’s written a book on it but he’s that lazy he hasn’t finished it yet

Biggest Ego?

Marc Devine – he loves a good selfie and can’t walk past a mirror without looking at himself

Worst/best person to sit next to on the team bus?

Worst – probably be Justin Mc Bride he can’t sit still at all and probably the loudest on the team bus.
Best – would be Davin Flynn good laugh and always get a good yarn out of him, always throws in the ‘up Tipp’ every now and again.

Worst/best person to share a room with on away days?

Best – Boonzey, would take the hand out of anyone for a laugh and is always joking around.
Worst – Peter O’Connor, just gets changed into his pyjamas and lights out straight away!

Who has the best diet, and who has the worst, and what do they consist of? ?

Best – Sean McVeigh – he’s a vegan enough said! Don’t know how he does it.
Worst – Stephen Gillespie – always sneaking on some sort of chocolate or crisps!

Toughest opponent you have played against?

Would probably have to say Damian Casey or Danny Cullen.

Best or worst quote you have heard from a team mate/opponent/manager?

Best one I’ve heard yet and something I’ve always stuck by – hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard or ‘if you don’t shoot, you don’t score’.

Best manager you have played for?

Chris McDaid – simple managing style but effective and knows how to get the best out of every player!

What frustrates you most about the GAA?

Wouldn’t say frustrates me but the level of commitment is serious these days. I suppose we do it for the love of the game!

What is the best thing about being part of the GAA

How it brings everyone together I would say!