Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher – Problems will happen before games

The build up to championship matches can be fraught with challenges

Steven Poacher, in his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, explains how manager can successfully navigate the final few days before a big championship match.

“For many coaches at any level of the game the lead up to any big match can cause problems.


“There will be a couple of doubts floating around which maybe says ‘we havent’ done enough’ or the temptation will be there to maybe ‘squeeze a bit more in’.

“The reality, however is extremely different. For weeks and possibly years those players have slogged through pre season, league games and now the big moment has arrive.

“It is really just a matter of putting the final touches to all the previous hard work.

“Currently in Ulster we have all the club championships approaching for what is known as the business end of the season.

“Many big games will be played in the coming weeks throughout our province.”

So what should teams be doing during the final days before championship?

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