PG the PT

Pauric Grimes

PG the PT – Advice for players who want to breakthrough

Padraig Hampsey had a breakout year last year

Pauric Grimes has some important advice for the young players who are desperate to break onto the senior team this year.

He wants them to avoid making the same mistakes as so many other players have made in the past.


“The season is long, your career is longer. Be very aware of the changes in volume of training week on week.

“You are only as fresh as your recovery from your last session. It’s a balancing act but one that you have to learn to master.

“Intense pitch session? Reduce the volume of your next gym session.

“Easy pitch session? Bump up what you are doing in the gym.

“Whether you are peaking for championship or tapering down for the mid season break everything should be gradual. No more ‘all or nothings’.”

PG gives a break down of all the things young players should be doing in their pre-season, and also the things to avoid at this early stage in your career.

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