Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy: Jealous begrudgers out in force

CAN’T WIN….Kevin Cassidy doesn’t know what Dublin have to do

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy was left rolling his eyes reading media reports attempting to put an asterisk beside Dublin’s latest All-Ireland triumph.

The county’s achievement has been accompanied by a raft of articles and debates discussing the financial power held by the Leinster side, something Cassidy can’t abide.


“Journalists and pundits did all they could to tarnish this great Dublin team. A lot of this nonsense comes down to pure jealousy and like I said here a few weeks back, we tend to have that mentality in this country.

“If someone or some team is doing well then we all want that person or team to fail, it’s a horrible way to be and when I saw some of the nonsense that was written it made me quite sad.”

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