John Morrison

John Morrison – Use poetry to get your message across

Paddy Bradley

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison recalls his journey through coaching.

He highlights some of the important lessons he learned during his coaching days, and in particular he tells a story of how he distilled a message for Derry players into poetry in 2004, the year they reached the All-Ireland semi-final.


He was coaching alongside Mickey Moran at the time and he remembers the moment when the message sunk in:

“We were level at the end of the game, but before extra time in the huddle captain Paddy Bradley passionately roared ‘Feel it, I feel it, We’ll win this game’.

“We outscored Cavan in exra time by 10 -nil.

“As we sang on the way to the game, ‘just do it’ became our game command.

“We beat Wexford and Limerick, Westmeath under Paidi O Se in the All-Irelnd quarter-final before losing to Kerry in the semi-final

“My game play steps since then has been ‘see it, trust in it, make sure you train it, feel it and just do it.’.”

He also tells a very funny story about he and Mickey Moran pretended be a famous pair of detectives from an American sitcom.

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