John Morrison

John Morrison – four ways to beat the blanket

Teams need good attacking strategies

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison explains why he believes that Gaelic Football should be an attacking game.

He references Japanese fighter pilots during world war two, and explained why their code for attack was tora tora tora.


Gaelic Football, in his opinion, should be built upon attacking principles, and should not rely heavily on defensive strategies.

Teams must be able to use a number of attacking strategies in order to be successful.

“A blanket defence is a blanket on the bed, there are three ways around it: Down both sides – down the wings from which the last pass hits the D; Over the top – targetting two or three astute players who are either inside or under;  through the middle – using triangle passes at speed to breach the blanket defence where players are static and marking zonally.”

Morrison goes on then to explain the aspects of good attacking such as understanding what to do in possession or out of possession, pressing high, and why you should have scoring practice and not shooting practice.

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