Cahal Carvill

Cahal Carvill: Mind over matter?

SURPRISED…Cahal Carvill couldn’t get over the credit given to Caroline Currid

GAELIC Life columnist Cahal Carvill has questioned the increasing significance placed on sports psychologists in Gaelic games.

Writing in today’s edition, Carvill said that he was left perplexed by the credit given to Limerick’s sports psychologist Caroline Currid after their semi-final win over Cork.


“Currid is quoted as saying that “you can’t win if you don’t show up” and “An attitude of positive expectance makes the difference” – almost as bad as the waffle you would associate with Enda “Commit” McNulty or Tony “I’m Not Your Guru” Robbins.”

The full article is in today’s Gaelic Life, in shops now or available online here.