PAUDIE KISSANE: Block out the noise

THERE’S much to look forward to this weekend with the inter-county football quarter-finals in Croke Park in front of big crowds. Considering the way the draw has unfolded, there will be a particular buzz in places Armagh, Clare, Derry and Galway. All fours teams will think they have a decent opportunity of reaching an All-Ireland […]

PAUDIE KISSANE: Plan your way to improving your players

TOO often coaches measure their ability as a coach on only the win-rate of the team they are involved with. Yes, naturally enough if you put in place a successful game-plan, improve your players technically or tactically, combined with appropriate physical conditioning, then obviously the team has potential to win more games. Winning is more […]

PAUDIE KISSANE: Physical limitation and skill execution

AS highlighted in my previous article, linear speed is important but our national games are also multi-directional. Players require that ability to decelerate, change direction, to roll or side step an opponent and even the basic skill of jumping and landing safely. Reducing the risk of injury alongside performance enhancement is what should underpin every […]

PAUDIE KISSANE: Top speed is what you need

IN the overall area of physical preparation, speed is certainly getting more and more attention. It is one of the words that springs to mind when viewing some of the action from this year’s National Leagues in football and hurling. What has stood out from watching the top inter-county teams is the amalgamation of speed […]