Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher – Sessions that create thinking-players

Steven Poacher explained how his group sessions work to create thinking athletes

Steven Poacher explains in his column this week how to create thinking footballers.

He explains the sessions that he runs at St Columbans Kilkeel, and how they help to improve players’ development.


“The bulk of sessions will be totally a games-based approach.

“We will let the players first play a game and explore it for themselves, it will always have a transition element to it, by that I mean one team will attack looking a score and as soon as they score or ball goes dead or maybe turned over, the opposition will  instantly transition from defence to attack and vice-versa.

“Players will then feedback in groups to each other what went well, what could they improve on, then we let them play it again and see if they have learned from the first time.

“It’s a brilliant and really effective way to create thinking footballers. Players can express themselves in all the games. There is no leash around them, they are encouraged to move the ball forward and on all opportunities at pace.”

Read the full explanation of his methods in issue 569 of Gaelic Life.

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