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Pauric Grimes

Pauric Grimes – three ways to maintain optimum energy

Maintain your energy levels all year round

Pauric Grimes says that three aspects of your life must change if you are to maintain your optimum energy levels

“If there was an S&C culture embedded into our clubs which encouraged players to maintain their training habits, albeit at a reduced load, when the season’s over then the peaks of intensity and the valleys of unfitness wouldn’t be as extreme.


“There is another side to the coin of being unfit which is actually more about energy levels than any actual fitness.

“Over the festive period, when our routines goes out the window, our quality of eating diminishes and our alcohol intake increases. As a result our energy levels can plummet. So if we can tackle that head on then those early few sessions where we’re feeling heavy legged, out of puff and don’t have any other gear than first, those sessions will become a thing of the past.

Pauric says that there are three aspects of your life which can make those changes, they are Dehydration, sleep quality and food intake.

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