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Pauric Grimes

Pauric Grimes – GAA athletes train more than the pros

Soccer players pre-season is a lot shorter than the GAA’s

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life Pauric Grimes suggests that Gaelic Athletes should train like the Professionals and train less.

He says:


“Using soccer and the Premier League as an example the majority of their pre-season begins at the start of Jul.

“Their league begins in the second week of August. Their pre-season lasts six weeks.

“Contrast that to a club team in the GAA who’s season doesn’t start till the third week in March, and they’re expected to be collectively training from early January. Therefore their pre-season lasts from 10-12 weeks.

“Another wrinkle to consider is that a lot of top professional sides will carry out fitness tests when their players return from their summer break and if the coaches are happy with the shape they are in then they will get an extra week or two of holidays.

“Good deal? No?”

Pauric goes on to explain why GAA coaches demand more training, and how the clubs and the association can address the imbalance.

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