John Morrison

John Morrison – Tyrone’s game plan is not yet complete

Dublin are still ahead of Tyrone

John Morrison says that last year proved that Mickey Harte’s plan for Tyrone is almost complete, but they still have a little work to do.

He says that a team needs a good game plan in order to succeed.


“The use of game plans in Gaelic sports and other sports is like building a jigsaw.

“Without the picture on the box to help you, coaches have nothing to complete as you flit from one part to another and soon coaches and players will become impatient. With the box you can see the big picture.

“Game plans come together after week, months and sometimes years of training ground rehearsal including a team language which keeps the team moving fluidly with ease. Acamdemics say teams go through ‘Forming, Storming, Norming and Peforming stages’ before real success is possible.

“Last year, Armagh suggested they were entering the performing stage  until Tyrone let them know it was the early performing stage.

“In the semi-final, Tyrone discovered that they were not as fully into the performing stage as the Dubs.”

Morrison goes on to explain how your team can pass through the four stages of preparation and how to perfect your game plan.

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