John Morrison

John Morrison – When you don’t celebrate success

John Morrison says encouragement shouldn’t be given out easily

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison explains when Coaches should and should congratulate their players.

It might seem straightforward, if a team wins, then players should be congratulated, but that is not always the case.


Morrison said that encouragement should be given in particular circumstances.

For example, he says reward the performance, not the outcome.

“Consider two situations, the first is of player one who gives an excellent, advantageous pass, the performance is good because it is a great kick, but the outcome is not good because there is no real immediate effect upon the game’s result.

“In an other instance, player two might make a pass and it is partially intercepted and knocked to a team mate. In that instance the performance is poor but the outcome is good.

“A coach should reward player one and not player two. If you reward player one they will continue to practice their kicking, if you reward the second then you are only rewarding luck.”

Morrison goes on to explain further about the best times to encourage players, and also what to say and do to those who haven’t played well.

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