John Morrison

John Morrison – Are you the type to burn out?

Players aren’t the only people who suffer from burn out

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison explains that coaches tend to be more susceptible to burn out.

He says:


“Burn-out is high in the caring professions of which coaching is an example.

“People more susceptible to burn out are empathetic, sensitive, humane, dedicated and idealistic.

“They are people-oriented and tend to base their self-esteem exclusively on attainment of their goals. They are also anxious, introverted, and over-enthusiastic.

“They can be workaholics with an aggressive, competitive, intense and rigid personality with the result that they don’t tolerate frustrations well. This leads them to be more susceptible to heart attacks.”

He goes on to explain what you can do to counter burn out.

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