John Morrison

John Morrison – Follow Mickey Moran’s example

Mickey Moran

John Morrison spent many years coaching county football teams with Mickey Moran.

In that time he watched how the Derry man handles himself when he was working with players.


In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, Morrison points out one aspect of Moran’s management style that every coach should take note of.

“My good friend Mickey Moran, whom I coached with for almost a decade is a quiet mannered and spoken man who always begins conversations with a positive. And Mickey is very strong in praising of his players.

“Mickey is a manager who looks for ways to improve his team. He works on things that they can control in the game.

“This approach creates a powerful and productive approach to team success.”

Morrison explains that showing gratitude to players is very important in this process, and he explains how best to do this with a team.

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