John Morrison

John Morrison – When players break the rules

Player power is important in a changing room

John Morrison says that coaches and managers must empower players and teams to sort their own issues out.

He said that it is bad practice to tell players what to do, or to lambast them, Instead the teams must take responsibility for themselves.


“When team rules are broken by one player, the coach should convene a team meeting to talk about the problem player who is also present.

“Once a discussion led by team leaders starts, coaches leave the players to deal with it themselves.”

Morrison advocates that the coach really must be a facilitator in situations rather than set himself up as the moral guide, who is all knowing.

“Too often a coach’s negativity, or the coach being the ‘sage on the stage’ or either talking down to them or tell them is the norm.

“Little learning is achieved this way. Be more the ‘Guide on the side’.”

To find out how to step aside and let players solve issues themselves, and to make steps towards their own improvement, read Morrison’s column in the current issue of Gaelic Life.

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