John Morrison

John Morrison – ‘We took players to Mass’

John Morrison advises on how to create a team bond

John Morrison’s column this week explains how a coach can create a strong bond of togetherness on his team.

He explains how some of the best managers create a unity of purpose on their squads.


He said: “With county teams I was involved with we all went together to Mass if we were on an overnight Saturday into Sunday for distant away games.

“Local parishioners were surprised, but appreciative of seeing a whole visiting squad in their tracksuits together and their appreciation deepened the players’ sense of togetherness.

“So plan special moments like this.

“Another special moment can be an outdoor pursuits centre, as these active ways build the team and strengthen the bond.

“Remember, you don’t necessarily win with the best 15, rather you win with the best 15 who fit together.”

Morrison explains many simple ways that managers can create a unity of purpose in their squad.

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