John Morrison

John Morrison – Positively beat a negative mindset

Players must believe that they can achieve

In his scolumn in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison provides ways for coaches to counter the negative attitudes of their players.

He said that self-defeating attitudes are common, and he said that self doubt stops players from controlling their own destiny.


One  way to counter this, according to Morrison, is to encourage players to do things that they believe are impossible.

He says: “Think I’m possible, not impossible. Successful coaches have long encouraged coaches to do things that seem impossible. If players are convinced to see ‘mistakes’ as learning, they’ll not be afraid to take risks. They will be free to explore possibilities.

“I know a highly-respected coach who told players: ‘It’s inside you, I’ve seen it,  I know you can do it’. Players responded with a gleam in their eye, excited about giving it a shot as he’d helped them focus on their strengths.”

This is just one of many suggestions that Morrison made to help coaches strengthen the will of their players.

Read the current issue of Gaelic Life as he also explains the power of self talk.

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