John Morrison

John Morrison – How Mayo deceived Dublin in ’06

Mayo’s mindgames deceived Dublin in 2006

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison explains how some of the best teams have used deception to get the better of their opponents.

He says that the basic rule of deception is to show your opponents something contrary to what they assume your plan to be, in an effort to wrongfoot them.


He gives an example:

“Deceptive moves are usually subtle and simple, yet powerful as was seen when Mayo warmed up at Hill 16 in 2006.

“Dublin were both deceived and surprised when they saw their end over taken.

“Their tempers flared as a result and allowed Mayo to get the better start to the  game(which they needed to do).

“Mayo went on to win that semi-final.”

Morrison also explains other famous deceptions including examples of Muhanmmed Ali, Luis Van Gaal, and Alex Ferguson.

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