Steven Poacher

Poacher: Speed needs to be nurtured at the right time

Not everyone can run like Jack McCaffrey but speed can be coached to some extent

In his weekly column, Steven Poacher explains that speed must be coached in the window of opportunity for maximum development.

For young boys the window of opportunity is in two phases. Phase one is between the ages of 7-8 and phase two is between the ages of 11-14. It’s similar for young girls – 7-8 for phase 1 and 12-14 for phase two.


Progress can be made any time outside of this window but will not have the same benefit. Young players and athletes are like sponges at this time of development and we should be looking them to absorb as much quality information and coaching as possible.

Poacher also goes on to explain the four components of speed training: quickess, reactive speed, active speed and complex speeed.

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