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Pauric Grimes

PG the PT – Peter Donnelly has influenced Tyrone

Peter Donnelly

Ahead of this weekend’s All-Ireland semi-final, Pauric Grimes looks at how strength and conditioning has helped the Red Hands progress.

“The resurgence of Tyrone as a footballing powerhouse, and the timing of the recruitment of Peter Donnelly as their head strength and conditioning coach is no coincidence.


“Their swashbuckling style of transitional football can only be done when the players performing the tasks they are given do it with supreme athleticism.

“From a coaching perspective it’s been so interesting to watch the emphasis of what the intercounty footballer concentrates on develop over the years.

“in the early to mid 00s, it was sheer intensity, conditioning games and sprint training.

“As the influence of the strength and conditioning coach increased there was movement towards packing on lean muscle mass and getting big and strong.”

PG goes on to explain what players and coaches can learn from Tyrone.

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