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Pauric Grimes

PG the PT – What to eat after training

Pauric Grimes talks about what you should eat in the lead up to a match

Pauric Grimes says that athletes don’t always have to eat powders or protein shakes after training.

But he does say that it is important to have a proper meal.


“Eating within 30-60 minutes after your work out or game will support optimal recovery.

“If you’re eating a meal within this time, there isn’t any need for powder, pills, bars or shakes.

“Carbs and proteins are what you’re after here, so something like a burrito bowl or pasta and chicken provide complex carbs to refuel your muscles.

“I’d recommend minimising the higher-fat add-ons like guacemole, sour cream and chees, as high fat foods will slow the recovery process.”

Pauric goes on to explain three important eating rules to live by in the lead up to a match.

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