John Morrison

John Morrison – Learn to accept losing

Peter Canavan learned how to tolerate losing during his season

John Morrison has warned that teams should never let mistakes become the excuse to quit.

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, Morrison reminds us that great managers like Brian Cody and Mickey Harte have had to learn how to lose as well as win.


He also suggested that those teams or players that look to blame managers, or vice versa will not succeed.

“No one person is to blame for the failings of a team. NEVER let mistakes become the ‘excuse to quit’.

“Most who never make it give up without realising success was just around the corner? Why? Success is dressed in blue overalls and looks like hard work.

“Winners see success as a gift. Success comes because players tolerate defeat as it helps them see a better way out of their situation.

“For winners, losing is valuable data, helping them to understand the ‘big picture of champioonship levels of play. Always remember, winners are those who’ve made the most mistakes.

“Creative coaches help players move beyond the old notion of failure as something to be avoided at all costs. Tolerate defeat is their mantra.”

Morrison goes on to give the struggling coach 11 ways to help players to tolerate losing.

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