John Morrison

John Morrison – This is more important than talent

Tyrone’s success this year has been borne out of years of persistence

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison studies the importance of persistence among athletes.

He refers to the story of swimmer Pablo Morales and his journey to earning a world record in the butterfly stroke.


Morrison explains how athletes can learn to be more persistent.

“Persistence is seen as more important than talent.

“The equation is quality = 95 % persistence + 5% talent.

“Talented teams can fail as they cannot control the result.

“Persistence and perseverance are qualities that can be controlled and developed and can lead to success.

“But to succeed, commitment must underpin the process, for example; everything is possible as it is just time on the pitch, consisting of long hours and diligent work.”

Morrison goes on to explain a drill to use which encourages persistence in players.

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