Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher: A common mistake in coaching the tackle

Steven Poacher says that tackling can be coached

While Steven Poacher accepts that the current explanation of the tackle in Gaelic Football is open to interpretation, he says that it is still possible to coach the skill.

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, he explains what coaches and managers must do to import the techniques to their players.


“Coaches can coach the tackle within their training sessions but problems occur when coaches let things go in training. Subsequently these bad habits are carried into a game.

“That is why when coaching the tackle in training it is imperative that any clear fouls, which according to the definition of the tackle include punching, slapping, pulling, tripping or frontal charging are punished and clearly explained to the players where they are going wrong. Otherwise players will feel this is fine.

“There is no doubt that tackling is a skill and if you can coach the proper technique to your players it will give them the belief and confidence to execute the skill of tackling effectively during a game.”

Poacher goes on to explain the four Ds which he uses to teach this particular skill.

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