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Pauric Grimes

PG the PT – What you can learn from Andy Murray

Are you able to listen to advice from your phsyio?

In this week’s Gaelic Life, Pauric Grimes began his six-part guide to preparing for the championship.

He wants to give players advice on how to be ready for the biggest game of their season.


In his article he talks about how Scottish tennis player Andy Murray prepared for Wimbledon.

“Murray has had issues with a  hip injury over the last few years, so instead of playing through it at Queens and getting himself reacquainted with grass court tennis he made the decision to sacrifice game time to ensure he’s at his best when it counts.

“Those are the sorts of decision you might have to make in the build up to championship.

“You might have to make a call to sit out a training session, or reduce the amount time you are spending shifting weights in the gym and listen to what your physio is telling you to clear up whatever niggles you’re dealing with.”

Pauric goes on to talk about how Federer’s approach is even more stricter than Murray’s.

Read the full article in the current issue of Gaelic life. 

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