Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher – Never abandon ship on the counter

If you’re on the counter-attack, be prepared for the counter counter attack

IN his weekly column, Steven Poacher cautions against a cavalier approach to counter-attacking.

He argues that how a side adapts to a change of possession is absolutely pivotal and can really affect not only the flow, but the overall outcome of a game.


Poacher points out that there are two aspects of transition play that are critical when coaching in the modern game of Gaelic Football – counter-attack and counter-defence.

Honing in on the latter, he argues that most teams leave themselves vulnerable when they ‘abandon ship’ and throw too many men forward on the counterattack. He says the solution is to maintain a good defensive structure.

“I know some top coaches who coach their sides to always have four back as a minimum, or a plus one (overload of one defender). They are simple but effective measures to prepare for a loss of possession in your own counter-attack.”

He adds that such a structure can be coached through small-sided/conditioned games on the training field.

The full column is available in store today or online here.