John Morrison

John Morrison – Turn good players into great players

Donegal have shown that good players can become great

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison talks about how to get the best out of your players.

He says that coaches can bring in the very best training equipment in, but unless their atttidue is right they will not win over their players.


“How do coaches turn players who are late, cut out some reps in training, finish early, do their own thing, into players who consistently work to the limit of their abilities?

“If you have the best gym, training grounds, sports science expert, deiticians you might still not grow or achieve. Why?

“You invested in all but the human factor. Without the human factor training will be no be growth. It will just be people excersising together. Communication will just be people talking. Sports science will just be measurement. Periodisation will just be a plan. The best facilities just becomes window dressing. And coaching without the human factor is not coaching.”

Find out what the human factor is in the current issue of Gaelic Life.

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