Ulster champions short-handed

IT’S A shame for Donegal that Michael Murphy and Colm McFadden are missing through injury from the Donegal attacking sextet this weekend, as with six Down defenders on the casualty list, there was an opportunity for the pair to do significant damage. Instead, the Tir Chonaill men must find their scores elsewhere as they attempt […]

Fortune favours Down

REMEMBER Ballybofey, early summer 2010? Benny Coulter’s goal which set the red and black train in motion, on a run which took them all the way to an All-Ireland final at Croke Park? It seems like only a blink of the eye since that day, but so much has happened since. Down stalled, while Donegal […]

Jarlath – Issue of management payment highlights hypocrisy

OVER the next four weeks, counties have been asked to put together a submission as to their proposals for the future of how we deal with the issue of paid managers. We’re living in interesting times. Watch this debate become a competition to see who can be the greatest Gael. Men whose clubs shell out […]

Bonner recalls missed Bhoy-hood

Declan Bonner passed up a potential career as a soccer star to focus on Gaelic Football. The 1992 All-Ireland title certainly suggests that he made the right decision. In the current issue of Gaelic Life, he explains the moment when he took the path to GAA glory. Ronan Scott: What were your early days playing […]

Jarlath – Depression is an issue the GAA must address

I HAVE always had a regard for cricketer Andrew Flintoff. His career was the epitome of perseverance. It required a belief in himself that would finally allow the England selectors to see through his bulky frame and into the talented fast bowler and all rounder that he was to become. His innings of 135 in […]

Gilligan's reveals his shooting strategy

The time off served him well. In his last Ulster Championship match, the 2008 Ulster semi-final against Fermanagh, he had a penalty batted away by Ronan Gallagher, before pointing the resulting ‘45’. Striking dead balls is one of his strengths, and observers claim that he has one of those kicking actions that are God-given. He […]

Brolly – Supporting Northern Ireland not an option

BBC Northern Ireland aired a fascinating documentary recently. It began with footage of the 12th July parade on Belfast’s Shankill Road in the mid 1960s. As one of the bands passed, belting out The Billy Boys, a girl of seven or eight turned towards the camera and shouted f*** the Pope. The words of the […]

Gilligan explains Skinner injury incident

STRICTLY speaking, Derry’s 2011 inter-county season ended in Croke Park on July 23 when Kildare cleaned them out and Enda Muldoon had a goal ruled out for a suspected square ball offence. Emotionally, it came six days earlier, when Donegal’s venus fly-trap defence opened their jaws and swallowed the Derry attack whole in the Ulster […]

Devenney – New systems needed for Donegal and Monaghan

AFTER the first week of McKenna Cup football, there is a healthy degree of, ‘Ah, sure it’s the first day back,’ and ‘Who cares, really?’ In general, fans are just delighted to be back on the terraces, talking about football and shaking off some of the fur that gathers on you while you spend too […]

New attitude from Down

YOU CAN’T help but notice that things seem very different about Down this year. Their purposeful, forceful nature and bullish attitude to their approach is reflected in the way they’ve gone about matters on the field. Down have called in the heavy artillery, and they mean business. They steamrolled their way into the last four […]