Why Croke Park has made the Irish indifferent

By John Hughes

IF YOU read our weekly factoid on the front of the current issue of Gaelic Life, you’ll know that this day ten years ago the Hogan Stand and Canal End were officially opened. This act completed the horseshoe amphitheatre we are familiar with today.

Monday Blog: Black card fallout misses the point

Just like the GAA itself, the ability to complain and give out is woven into the very fabric of our being. It’s a cultural thing, a GAA thing, an Irish thing. It applies to all walks of life, whether sport or business, and we are naturally pessimistic. A far cry from the movie caricature of the Irish as a happy-go-lucky bunch, our default setting is one of pessimism.

Spot the Ball

Each week Gaelic Life will post a new picture minus the ball and it is up to you to tell us where you think the ball is situated. If a number of entrants correctly select the right grid reference a winner will be selected at random and they will win a McKeever ball. Simple as that! Good […]

Monday blog – by Niall McCoy

IN his Gaelic Life column last week, Brian McGuigan spoke of how there is no better feeling than standing with your clubmates after a victory in knockout football. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is a galling experience – and I know it all to well having witnessed my beloved Dromintee fall at the […]

Monday blog – by Ronan Scott

So, now that all the club Championships in the province have thrown in at this stage, I can happily grasp the nettle that is the back door debate. It seems as though there are as many championship structures in Ulster as there are closing acts for the Olympics, and unfortunately they are equally underwhelming. Straight […]