What does the fox say?

“WHAT does the fox say?” If you know what I’m referencing then I hope I’ve brought a smile to your face, if not then I won’t ruin it for you.

Tullylish: An emphasis on youth

CLUB FOCUS By Niall McCoy THERE are few GAA clubs in Ireland that can boast such an age gap between club chairman and club president as the Tullylish club in Laurencetown, county Down. At 36 years of ages, Tom Morgan is certainly one of the younger chairmen about, and in president Pat McFlynn, 59 years […]

OPENING SHOT: Swimming against the tide

By John Hughes IT’S A sorry pass we’ve come to, really. With a bit of distance between ourselves and all the fuss around Sean Cavanagh’s foul and Joe Brolly’s reaction, there is an opportunity for a bit of sober analysis of the whole affair. To me, it is a testament to a emotionally retarded society. […]

TOP FORM…Oakleafers worth a sniff

By Ronan Scott This week we saw a good example of how a bookmaker shifts prices when they see large betting trends. Alex Ferguson’s decision to retire this week was preceded by three days of movement in the betting market, as Everton boss David Moyes price to be the next Manchester United boss was cut. […]