Steven Poacher: Good teaching is essential

TRADITIONALLY anyone who is a teacher will have had an uneasy last couple of weeks, twisting and turning in bed at night facing that dreaded first day back after the holidays. It’s not that bad, trust me, teaching is a wonderful profession, particularly PE teaching where every day brings a different challenge.

PGthePT: Think you’re tight enough to tackle PG’s Pyramid?

T week I asked you to increase your water intake, so tell me, how did that go? Improved performance? Quicker to react, slower to fatigue? All that good stuff? I told you it would! Again, week by week I’m going to ask you to make small changes to your diet which will give you big long term health and fitness benefits.

Conor Small

It may have taken two attempts, but Creggan finally became the All-Ireland junior champions when they defeated Ballysaggart. Small was outstanding in the replay, the youngster helping himself to a 1-3 tally from play.

Jack Haughey

Haughey is a veteran of the MacRory Cup having produced some memorable performances over the last couple of years. The Newry school did exit after losing a dramatic replay to Omagh CBS, but Haughey was impressive once more.

Tiernan Daly

Daly made a good debut for the Erne county and obviously impressed new manager Pete McGrath. He has now clocked up nine appearances this season and looks like he will have a big part to play in the county’s future.

John McCarron

February was a superb month for John McCarron as he helped Truagh Gaels all the way to Croke Park and, ultimately, the All-Ireland junior final. Was excellent too as the Gaels made their way to the Ulster u-21 final. A safe pair of hands.

Steven Poacher: Leave the blanket in the bedroom

VERY seldom in the modern game do you go to watch a game of football now and find both teams playing a traditional line up of 15 v 15 with six forwards all in position being man marked by six defenders. Not just at county, club but actually underage and school games you will regularly see numbers 13 to 15 being withdrawn into a sweeper role or teams packing their defence with their whole half forward line, its poisonous and should come with a health warning.