John Morrison: AMTCMTED

Achieved much (AM) by Total Control (TC) or as some refer to it, Mental Toughness (MT) and enjoyed Doing it (ED) is how my title is explained. Enduring real winners, is whom I refer to.

PGthePT: Warm up as it gets colder

AS TOM Jones once said, “Baby it’s cold outside.” The roads are slippery, the car’s frozen, the gym is like an igloo, and we won’t even start to try and describe what the pitch is like. Welcome to January.

Steven Poacher: The benefits of games over drills

LAST Saturday I had the privilege of being invited down to the Dunshaughlin in County Meath to assist in their coaching/development weekend. A fantastic initiative from the club which was organised by their current senior player and coaching enthusiast Michael Aherne.