Brady on Antrim

This is an extract from an interview with Colin Brady which was published in the October 27 issue of Gaelic Life Declan Bogue: We’ve talked plenty about St Gall’s, but how does playing for Antrim make you feel? Colin Brady: It’s a fantastic honour to play for your county. We get on really well with […]

Devenney – International Rules may be in bother

THIS week, during an idle moment, I found myself researching the history of Australian Rules football. I say research, but it’s pretty much what anybody does when they wish to find out more about anything – I typed Aussie Rules into a Google search and read the top few results. Even though you could do […]

A change could do us good

In this week’s column, Jarlath suggest some aspects of the modern game which should change: WE ARE creatures of habit in the GAA and accept our norms as if they were the Bible itself. But why do we do it? Many aspects of Gaelic games that we just take for granted might now benefit from […]

The Irish mean business

THERE were more ins, outs, and shaking it all abouts in the Irish squad over recent weeks than there were at this year’s Irish National Hokey Cokey Championships, but eventually Anthony Tohill got a panel gathered together and got them out to the land of Oz. There is no Sean Cavanagh, no Bernard or Alan […]

Impressive Aussie stars

IT’S hard to find a recognisable name on the Australian squad list, with new coach Rodney Eade opting for a youthful and inexperienced side even more than his predecessor Mick Malthouse. The new coach has loaded his side with smaller, faster, young players who he feels are more suited to the game which the International […]

Ulster prepares to learn from Kerry

TIPPERARY boss John Evans is just one of a high-profile list of speakers who will address a football coaching conference in Monaghan next month. The Kerry native will deliver a workshop entitled ‘Attaining success; Do structures matter?’ to delegates at the conference, which will be hosted by Monaghan GAA in St Macartan’s College on Saturday […]

Positive thinking hokum – Brolly

IN the off-beat war movie, ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ (for younger readers, that is those of you who can’t spell and think grammar is a type of secondary school, the plot revolves around a group of G.I.s who have to get across the river to steal gold bullion from the Nazis.)

McIver annoyed by Donegal departure

Brian McIver spoked candidly to Ciaran Woods in the most recent issue of Gaelic Life. In the interview he revealed the manner of his departure from the Donegal post, and how it annoyed him. CW: So when you see what Donegal achieved this year, it would seem that the wheels were actually beginning to turn […]

Radio saves the football star – Devenney

NORMALLY, when you retire from county football there is a massive gap that is hard to fill. The easiest thing is to do is to put all your energies back into the club and get your excitement from that. Injury forced me out of county football and then it eventually meant that I couldn’t play […]

Players prefer traditional Championship

THE GPA will ask their members to vote on whether the championship structure should change to a new system on Friday, but a Gaelic Life survey indicates that players will vote to stay traditional. Only one of the four players questioned said they would vote for a new Championship structure, Kevin Cassidy, who won Ulster […]