Tyrone: The next generation

There have been departures from the greater Tyrone project over the past ten years, but save the exception of Cormac McAnallen’s passing, they weren’t Mickey’s generation of minors. Now there is a certain amount of re-inventing the wheel in progress. Brian McGuigan has already initimated that he favoured a return halfway through the league, but […]

Quotes of the year

In this week’s Gaelic Life, we’ve cherry-picked some of the best quotes from this year’s In-Focus interviews. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer: I used to say things to the referee to get me going, that is just the way I am. I would have to have a row with the referee or the […]

McEneaney's difficult second year

After half a decade of Banty, Eamon McEneaney was given plenty of time and space to make mistakes. But, the honeymoon was spoiled by a slightly unlucky loss to Tyrone in the Championship, followed by a desperate collapse to Offaly. It could also be said that injuries and player turnover was against him. Tommy Freeman […]

Exciting times in Fermanagh

What a difference twelve months makes. Back then, a demoralised playing base were chewing over John O’Neill’s appointment with a great deal of indifference and sniffiness. Now, Peter Canavan has been able to name a fairly strong Fermanagh panel for the McKenna Cup. Waiting in the wings to be brought in later on are some […]

Down's frustrating season

If rumour is to be believed, Down have been spending a lot of time in recent months taking steps to put things right as a group of players. When they reflected on their 2011, there are a number of factors that they will cringe at. They never really showed up for the Athletic Grounds clash […]

Life after Kevin

When you consider the future of the reigning champions, there is one major issue that cannot be ignored. There is no getting around it. How do you replace a current All-Star? More to the point, Donegal’s gameplay this year was channelled through rigorous application to the ‘system.’ It was enough to put Cavan and Antrim […]

Brennan's Derry need to build

A lot done, not much more to do, but John Brennan will have the manpower. In a way, the Ulster final performance had so much to do with the absence of Paddy and Eoin Bradley, that it shaped the entire game. On the same pitch two years previously, Eoin cut in towards goal against Monaghan […]

Cavan need to love their team again

We talk of being brave in Antrim, but it’s Cavan who are on the gangplank. Life post-Seanie is bound to be made exceedingly uncomfortable for Val Andrews, but when he looks around after the year they had in 2011, he will ask himself what other options were open to him other than radical change. True, […]

Where next for Armagh?

No matter what front those in positions of power in Armagh present, the managerial structure of the Armagh senior team is, in the words of Joe Brolly at full time after the Ulster semi-final, “a mess, a total mess.” It’s the situation of Mickey McGurn that puzzles the most. Although the finger of suspicion pointed […]

What next for Antrim?

After two years of the upward curve under Baker, it all came crashing in around Antrim in 2011. The temptation is to say that the progression is over, but it would be unfair. Even before winter closed in, Bradley was already making his plans. Perhaps the bravest move he has made since taking on the […]