McCallin: I would’ve scored penalty that doomed Antrim

See this week’s Gaelic Life for the second half of our exclusive two-part interview with Antrim football’s only ever All-Star, Andy McCallin. Here’s a taster… A CAPACITY attendance of 40,000 has packed into St Tiernach’s Park for the 1970 Ulster Final. Antrim haven’t won the title for 19 years, but there’s high hopes this year. […]

McCallin: Antrim didn’t fail because of the Troubles

ULSTER’S first ever All-Star Andy McCallin disputes the conventional wisdom that the onset of the Troubles ravaged a golden generation of Antrim footballer. In an exclusive two-part interview with Gaelic Life, McCallin talks about the Saffrons’ historic All-Ireland U21 win in 1969 and claims that the county committee played a bigger role in their failure […]