Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy: Confronting cowards

FIRING LINE…Joe Brolly has taken his fair share of abuse

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy has branded those who insult high-profile GAA figures as “cowards”.

Writing in this week’s edition, Cassidy defends stable-mate Joe Brolly whilst also revealing some of the issues he has had to face himself.


“Fast forward two weeks to our game and as I enter the pitch I walk the whole length of the pitch up to where the other team was warming up and say to your fella “when you get a minute I would like to discuss your comments made about me on your Facebook page.”

“As he turned a colour that resembled the white boots he wore, I put my gumshield back in and said “If I was you it put yours in as well because you are going to need it today.”

The full article is in this week’s Gaelic Life, in shops now or available online here.

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