Finnian Moriarty

Finnian Moriarty: Go for the jugular

NOTHING TO LOSE…The Qualifier teams should adopt an attacking style this weekend, accroding to Finnian Moriarty

GAELIC Life columnist Finnian Moriarty has urged the four Ulster teams involved in Qualifiers this weekend to abandon their defensive shells and attack with vigour.

Writing in today’s edition, Moriarty said that Armagh, Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan are at the stage of the season where a gung-ho approach could pay dividends.


“Managers who desperately need a win can often be cowered into their shell, playing too defensively to try to ensure victory through frugality.

“I say, and I think GL readers will agree, they’re approaching it all wrong.”

The full column is in today’s Gaelic Life, available in shops now or online here.

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