Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher – MacRory Cup teams are over-trained

Over training young players can lead to injury and disillusionment

Over training young players can lead to injury and disillusionment

Steven Poacher has yet again highlighted the serious issue of over training schools footballers.

In last week’s Gaelic Life he said that the matter needs to be addressed.


“These children arrive back in School in September and are propelled straight into training, possibly three days a week.

“We frequently hear stories of some schools doing five days a week.

“These players are lifting weights, running mountains, living like monks. So for a competition that starts training in September, these young lads might play one competitive game in February.

“By the time they get to play that first knock out game they could have played the guts of 70 times which isn’t an unrealistic number but, statisticially, it’s frightening.

“I have strongly argued that some MacRory Cup teams are consistently over trained and under coached and I feel it is a big problem that needs addressed.”

The full article was in last week’s (March 30) issue of Gaelic Life.

You can read it on the Digital edition. Click here to buy it now.

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