Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy – Dublin are diffferent this year

Kerry beat Dublin by a point

Kerry beat Dublin by a point

Kevin Cassidy argues that the National League final was a dull affair, bar the final 15 minutes.

What he did take from the decider was a few key points about the top two teams. He reckons that Kerry lacked any threat in attack, and also that Dublin are approaching games in a different manner.


“The Dubs seem more reserved and cautious in their approach and they are mindful of leaving themselves exposed at the back which, perhaps, they have been in the past.

“They now seem to place more emphasis on their second half displays and in particular adopting a never-say-die attitude.

“This year alone they look like they were dead and buried against Tyrone, Donegal and Monaghan but they found a way back into those games and that is impressive given the fact that those three teams are some of the meanest defensive structures in the  modern game.”

He goes on to highlight a few players on both teams who impressed him.

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