Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy: The CPA is failing

MORE NEEDED...Kevin Cassidy has given a firm opinion on what the CPA needs to do

MORE NEEDED…Kevin Cassidy has given a firm opinion on what the CPA needs to do

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy has demanded that the Club Players Association takes a more hard-line approach in their pursuit of fixture resolution.

In the wake of the CPA’s 100-day statement, Cassidy hit out at their lack of action thus far.


“My understanding was that it was established to give the club players a voice. Well they have spoken and still no one listens so what I would have liked to see attached to the 100-day statement was a list of actions that are coming down the line,” he said.

“No one wants to see any disruption or discontent but in order to be taken seriously you must first show that you are serious.Talk of negotiations are a cop out. It’s time for the CPA to consider real action if they are to get anywhere near what they hope to achieve.”

The full column is in this week’s Gaelic Life, available in shops now or online here.

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